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About: Pro Gallery
About: Pro Gallery


Alexey Grinev & Kseniia Grineva

Alexey and Kseniia are international class dancers, originally from Russia, with more than 15 years of dancing experience. For all the time they danced together they became: ⠀ 

WDC World and US National Ballroom Showdance Finalists 

US National 10 dance Championship Finalists

Russian National Ballroom Showdance Finalists ⠀ 

Platinum Dancesport Classic, South Open Dancesport Championship, Florida State Dancesport Championship, Snow Ball Championship, Grand National Championship, Twin Cities Championship, Hawaii Star Ball - Professional RS American Smooth Champions. ⠀ 

Fred Astaire South Florida Professional Ballroom, Latin and Showdance Champions. ⠀

 Fred Astaire Cross Country Championship Vice Champions in Professional Showdance…

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Ekaterina Derevleva is CEO of Ballroom Dance Academy and Sway with me dance studios, also 1ST LADY dancewear and organizer of Florida Fun Mini match. She is professional dancer and coach. Ekaterina has Master Degree from Pedagogical University and  also winner of many ballroom competitions.
She represented the USA in International Latin and International Ballroom divisions. Ekaterina won many USA competitions in both divisions, and have been US National Professional Ten Dance bronze medalist.
She is World Ten Dance finalist.
Ekaterina teaching all 4 styles of ballroom dancing at Ballroom Dance Academy in Jacksonville, FL and Sway with me dance studio as main coach, as well as traveling the US coach professional and pro/am teacher.

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Goal of our dance event is to get our local dance community together and to enjoy our wonderful world of Ballroom dancing.

If you haven’t already bought tickets for our upcoming event, we hope you do so. To learn more about how to get involved, give us a call or send an email our way.

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Jang Don & Adele Don 

The World Professional American Smooth Peabody Dance Champions

The USA Dance National Professional American Smooth Champions

The Dance Vision National Professional American Smooth Champions

British National Professional  Ballroom Show Dance Champions

United Kingdom Open Professional 10 Dance Champions

Ohio Star Ball Professional 9 Dance Champions

Ph.D. in Dance(SKKU), 

MA in Dance Education(NYU),  CMA Certified Movement Analyst(LIMS)

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Eddie Rivera & Fayvin Doucette

Eddie Rivera 

      With more than 15 years as a Professional Ballroom Instructor and choreographer, Eddie Rivera has brought a unique passion and excitement to the dance floor. Eddie is the owner of Dance It Studio, Orlando's Top Ballroom Studio. This native of Puerto Rico, classifies his style and technique as a mix of Latin and Ballroom, even though he was formally trained in ballet and jazz. Prior to moving to the states, Eddie was the 'go to' performer for numerous shows, videos and concerts for several celebrities, including performing in front of sold out crowds with renowned tenor, Andrea Bocelli. He brings that reputation to Central Florida as the choreographer to call on for shows and events. He’s choreographed for many top level events including Disney’s Holiday Parade and fashion shows, and is the Artistic Dance Director for Bongos Cuban Café with Gloria Estefan. He’s also a featured professional instructor for The Dance League on American Sports Network. Eddie is also the recipient of The Boriquen Awards, Artist of the Year. Eddie has trained with numerous professional ballroom dance coaches in more than 10 countries. He now shares that knowledge with his students who also dance their way into the winners' circles. His students have won national titles, are listed as Pro-Am Rising Stars, and World Pro-Am. 

His unique style and great command of movement come to life not only in his inspiring performances, but also in his gift to teach. Eddie Rivera is a name that you will hear more in the years to come as a premier instructor, choreographer and competitor in the world of ballroom dance.

Fayvin Doucette  began dancing ballet, contemporary, and hip hop at the young age of 4 for several years. Later in life she wanted to add something more to her dancing agenda and decided it was finally time to learn partnered ballroom dancing. She studied to become a top teacher for the companies she worked for and has helped open dance studios locally. She went on to compete professionally to win many titles in the American rhythm category. She is trained in all styles and continues to compete with her students in the dancesport competitions in the professional/amateur category. She also continues to coach the new and upcoming generation and she plans to continue dancing for the rest of her life.

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Stanislav Morozov and Kseniia Tashkinova

Stanislav Morozov and Kseniia Tashkinova 

Stanislav is originally from Ukraine and Kseniia from Russia, they met each other in Egypt back in 2013 and  start dance together sense 2014. They’ve  been Featured ballroom dance couple with Jean Ann Ryan Production on Regent and Oceana cruises and Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line. 

Came back to USA in 2020 Kseniia and Stanislav start working with Fred Astaire dance studio in South Florida and competing professional in American Rhythm and theatre art/cabaret divisions.

They have been winners of numerous competition with Showdance/Theatre Art and become Fred Astaire South Florida Theatre art champions.

At the moment Stanislav and Kseniia also working with Royal Caribbean International as a Ballroom Show Directors.

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Volodymyr Barabash and Yulia Rudenco

Yulia was born and raised in a dance family. Her parents Elena and Andrei Rudenco owned a dance club “Gratsia” in Moldova where she started dancing at the age of 3. She fell in love with dance and never stopped since then. Yulia was remarkably successful in her early years, dancing amateur divisions in both ballroom and modern dance styles.
Yulia moved to USA in 2008 with her parents and started new career as pro/am dancer with her father Andrei. Yulia is 5 times US National Pro/Am Champion, 4 times World Pro/Am Champion, 5 times 10 Dance Champion. Many time winner of Millennium Dancesport Championships, Emerald DancesportChampionships, Embassy Ball Championships, Ohio Start Ball Championships. She is 7 times Fred Astaire National American Smooth, International Standard and International Latin Pro/Am Champion.
In 2016, she continued her dance career as professional dancer and is already highly successful: finalist, Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist of many competitions, including US National Championships and Ohio Star Ball Championships.

Originally from Ukraine, Volodymyr started dancing at the age of 6. His mom brought him to the local dance studio, and he has never left dancing ever since. Growing up in extremely competitive field, he was lucky to win a lot of regional and national events in both International Standard and Latin divisions.
Later, in adult division Volodymyr turned his focus to the Standard style. He was highly successful competitor becoming Ukrainian National Professional Silver Medalist and representing Ukraine in 2 World Classic Showdance Championships and European Standard Championships.
After being invited to U. S., Volodymyr started to explore American styles and fell in love with American Smooth as a perfect combination of Standard and Latin. Looking for a professional partner, he was super lucky to meet Yulia who was also looking for a partner in the same area.

Volodymyr and Yulia started dancing together in the end of 2018. They shared a short time on the dance floor at a few local competitions before Yulia suffered a major knee injury. Together they walked the hard road of recovery, not certain if they would ever get back on the dance floor. After a whole year of hard work, they restarted their professional career in August 2020 feeling stronger than ever!

As of right now, their best results together are:

2021 United States Rising Star Professional Smooth Champions
2021 Ohio Star Ball Open Professional Smooth Finalists

Together, Volodymyr and Yulia hope to reach their highest dance potential and inspire others to be their best. Their goal is to enjoy every moment of the journey and leave a positive mark on the dance industry.

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We hope you take this opportunity to support our vision, and are greatly appreciative of any contribution you can make.



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in Jacksonville, Florida

Enjoy our beautiful dance venue!

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